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Hotel Lena

Hotel Lena #00656

36 Classic, Advertisment, Color Printing Plant 26 june 2017

By order of the "Bichik" NCI for the Lena Hotel in Yakutsk, the KCP has printed such a wonderful deck with national Yakut costumes. Hasten to replenish the collection with the last original copy.

The Queen of Spades

The Queen of Spades #01668

52 Classic, Color Printing Plant 26 june 2017

Deck released for the filming of "The Queen of Spades" Director: Igor Maslennikov. limited edition.


Efimki #00662

36 persons star, Color Printing Plant 26 june 2017

Efim Shifrin is a famous actor of humorous genre. At his concerts, various products were sold, including decks of cards. The first deck was printed in the mid-1990s. She was from 36 cards, on all cards different photos of the artist. The cards were without a box and with straight angles, a white shirt and one extracard. In 1997, with the support of the cellular company Beeline, this deck of "Efimki" was released, here the artist's photo is only on cards from Valet to Ace and on sixes.


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