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Transformational deck Karten Gotta 1807

Transformational deck Karten Gotta 1807 #04111

52 Classic 19 september 2017

Reissue transformation pack 1807. Published Gotta. By deck attached booklet in 1807 with the description cards in German.


mini #03978

52 Classic 18 november 2014

Charming little card, but on the box have no information. If anyone knows what country issued a deck - write.

Delta playing cards 2

Delta playing cards 2 #03676

52+ 2 Classic 28 november 2013

Cubism (Fr. Cubisme) - modernist trend in art, especially in painting, which originated in the early XX century and is characterized by the use of pointed Geometrized conventional forms, the desire to "crush" the real objects on the stereometric primitives. Cubism - is the direction in painting, characterized by the desire to highlight the structure of the volume, show the subject from different points of view, the generalization forms of objects to simple geometric forms, the division into components. The emergence of cubism is traditionally dated to 1906-1907 and was associated with the work of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The term "cubism" appeared in 1908, after the art critic Louis Vaucelles called the new pictures of Marriage "cubic cranky." (Fr. bizarreries cubiques).

Playing cards

Playing cards #03646

52 Classic 26 march 2013

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