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Honour cards of Ukraine

Honour cards of Ukraine #01335

36 Political 25 june 2015

Author Dmytro Ponomarchuk deck. Despite the fact that in Ukraine the political deck produced very often - the deck is interesting in several respects. First single deck, where the incumbent president Viktor Yushchenko is shown in sixes as US puppets. "Six" in the criminal jargon - is too weak or helpful people. And in the prisons and camps excessive complaisance not honored. Second on the points of the cards in the form of figures of Ukraine jesters.

Cards Cossack Council 1492

Cards Cossack Council 1492 #04065

36 Classic, Advertisment 12 may 2015

New deck Vladislav Erko, printed a small edition for advertising eponymous vodka. Hurry to supplement their collection.


Pasyans #01976

52+ 2 Classic 18 april 2015

2 decks

Heat lux

Heat lux #02606

36+ 4 Classic, Advertisment 12 april 2015
triangular cards Deluxe

triangular cards Deluxe #02756

52+ 2 Classic 12 april 2015


Gogol #02755

52+ 2 Classic, Non-standard 22 october 2014

Ukraine of XVII c.

Ukraine of XVII c. #03065

36 Classic, istorical persons 16 june 2014

Lviv #02562

36 Photo of cities 24 march 2014
No.2114 Vienna Melange

No.2114 Vienna Melange #01488

52+ 3 Classic 13 february 2014

In 1993, the Ukrainian artist Ivan Turkish painted his first author on the deck of the famous victory of the Polish king Jan III Sobieski at Vienna. Later Austrian factory Piatnik released this deck called "Viennese melange." Interestingly, some figures were redrawn.


Revolutionary #02123

36 Political 2 december 2013

Publishing House Bogdan. Playing cards for politicians: Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Putin, Viktor Yanukovych, Kuchma, Tymoshenko, Napoleon, Chegevara.

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