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Tajikistan 1


Tajikistan #03202

36 Classic, Color Printing Plant 18 january 2016

Original this deck, I accidentally bought at a flea market. The deck was extremely sparkle, but the box was available. It took a few weeks to clean up the deck from dirt, after which he was released reprint. Why pack is attributable to the production of Combine Color print? The identity of the box, its sizing, design meets all other boxes PCC also the same and the size of cards and the main shirt cards taken from the line PCC. But maybe I'm wrong. For sale there reprint deck. In addition to the exotic country card also interesting that both halves of the card is different. The artist painted the entire cards at once. Extremely rare and unusual deck of concealing the secret origin.

2007-2017, Alexander Lutkovsky

Made by
design-studio Astra, 2007