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Hotel Lena

Hotel Lena #00656

36 Classic, Advertisment, Color Printing Plant 26 june 2017

By order of the "Bichik" NCI for the Lena Hotel in Yakutsk, the KCP has printed such a wonderful deck with national Yakut costumes. Hasten to replenish the collection with the last original copy.

The Queen of Spades

The Queen of Spades #01668

52 Classic, Color Printing Plant 26 june 2017

Deck released for the filming of "The Queen of Spades" Director: Igor Maslennikov. limited edition.


Efimki #00662

36 persons star, Color Printing Plant 26 june 2017

Efim Shifrin is a famous actor of humorous genre. At his concerts, various products were sold, including decks of cards. The first deck was printed in the mid-1990s. She was from 36 cards, on all cards different photos of the artist. The cards were without a box and with straight angles, a white shirt and one extracard. In 1997, with the support of the cellular company Beeline, this deck of "Efimki" was released, here the artist's photo is only on cards from Valet to Ace and on sixes.

home-made photo Erotica in the USSR

home-made photo Erotica in the USSR #00293

36 Erotic photo deck, Hand made 5 may 2017

One of the beautiful vignette photo homemade decks late 1960s and early 1970s. Released in the USSR. Erotic deck in the USSR were produced in a wide variety - they were printed photomethod, the only way to replicate available to individuals on the territory of SSSR.Chast decks produced professionally, the cards were well done (on a stamp cut - the same size). Other decks were made by hand.

Pirates Code

Pirates Code #04161

52+ 2 Non-standard 28 april 2017

A deck of playing cards of poker size 89x64 mm, 54 sheets, dedicated to pirate topics. Each sheet has an individual thematic drawing and a corresponding inscription. The suit is framed by its frame and a special pattern of craquelures. The deck is packed in a brutal bag. For romantics with a sense of humor! On the issue of acquisition:


Art #04163

52+ 2 Classic 20 march 2017
Homemade Deck

Homemade Deck #04162

36 Hand made 13 march 2017

Playing cards are painted around 1940-1960. Several cards are lost.


Jet24 #04160

52+ 2 Pin up, Transport 7 march 2017

Company's advertising deck. Http:// The largest portal of business aviation. Jet24 Aviation around the clock

Russian Geographical cards

Russian Geographical cards #03572

52 Color Printing Plant 28 february 2017

For the first time these educational cards issued in 1830 on the Card Factory at the Alexander manufactory. Author and compiler K.M. Gribanov. A deck of Constantine Gribanova consists of 60 cards in the number of administrative units of the then Russian. Interestingly, all the momentum maps are different - they are the geographical map of the region of the Russian Empire. Periizdany State Museum "Peterhof".


Glazetnye #04129

52 Classic, Color Printing Plant 2 february 2017

Here is a reprint of a previously unknown variant editions Glazetnye deck. Published for the first time in over 150 years. Produced in Russia in the 1850s. cards Historians knew 2 options such decks. It is the third - it is different from other cross jack. As well as drawing the other cards with more noticeable differences, in other less. This is due to the fact that the cards are printed lithography. A lithographic stone after a certain number of manufacturing runs came to resent and maps were drawn again. Images provided a well-known publisher and promoter of playing cards Jean Darquenne.

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