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Moldova 1


Gypsy #03482

+ 2 Classic 15 april 2013

This deck is published by the Moldovan "Simpals" during the advertising campaign to release the animated film "Gypsy." The map shows the heroes of this cartoon: On Jack - the youngest member of the family, the boy Tagar. On the ladies - the only woman Zara. At Kings - grandfather Baro, he is the oldest and wisest of all family members. At Aces - Gojo, the protagonist, is the trump character. At Joker - death, as it is the most powerful of all the characters. And, as this gypsy cards, added 4 more cards with Ilo. This character is constantly confuses the card in the cartoon, so cards with Ilo some strange color, it can be said shulerskie ... Company site "Simpals": Cartoon poster of "Gypsy": Printed on a deck of Odessa DELUXE

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