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Iceland 3

Nordic gods Icelandair

Nordic gods Icelandair #03915

52+ 1 Classic, Advertisment 18 june 2015

Many airlines produce amazing promotional pack with national themes, which are the ornament to any collection. This deck with the northern gods - one of those decks.


Icelandic #02050

52+ 2 Classic 6 april 2014

Cards ideal state. Designed by Gudmundur Thorsteinsson

Askja Med Tvennum Spillum

Askja Med Tvennum Spillum #03853

52+ 2 Classic 9 february 2014

This deck was published by the Hapdraetti Sibs from Iceland in 1997. The deck was probably printed by Carta Mundi from Turnhout, Belgium, and consists of 52 cards 2 jokers and 1 extra card. The deck was illustrated by Brian Pilkington and the courts, aces and jokers show the old Nordic Gods, Godesses and heroes. Icelandic indices and the names of the depicted ones are in Icelandic too.

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