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Iranian Playing Cards

Iranian Playing Cards #02136

52+ 2 Classic 21 november 2016

Specially manufactured Playing Cards for the Iranian monopoly by Thos. De La Rue & CO Ltd. London. Designed by V. Romanowski de Boncza. Circa 1930s.


Arabians #03643

52+ 3 Classic 12 april 2015
Historic iranian designs

Historic iranian designs #03940

52+ 2 Classic 26 november 2014

designed by V.Romanowski de Boncza, Tehran, Iran. Very interesting deck, a rare variant. Published with different patterns of diamonds on the suit. This option is less common, the other option later reissued on plastics with gilt edges.

Hafez Fortune Telling Cards

Hafez Fortune Telling Cards #03263

40 fortune telling 1 november 2014

Rare deck of Iran. On the back of each card text in Farsi and on the back of the card has a beautiful graphic quality pictures.

2007-2017, Alexander Lutkovsky

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design-studio Astra, 2007