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Finland 3

NR. 7590

NR. 7590 #02049

52+ 2 Classic, Non-standard, for children 22 july 2015

Design: Susanna Hartmann. Lapland is divided borders of four states, but Finnish children have always believed that Santa Claus lives in Finland is on Mount Korvatunturi near the border with Russia. In Finland, Santa Claus is called - "Joulupukki" (Finnish Joulupukki). He wears a high conical hat, long hair and red clothes. It is surrounded by the dwarves in peaked caps and capes, trimmed with white fur.

Don Carlos

Don Carlos #00915

52+ 2 Classic 1 march 2014

Cards of unusual shape in the form of a barrel, printed in Austria, especially for Finland. Is deck with indices J, Q, K, A.

Lapland Finland

Lapland Finland #00440

52+ 2 Classic, Non-standard 29 june 2013

design by Harri Muhonen

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