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Political 3

This section presents the deck with the political leaders of our time. Of interest may be interested in politics. Most politicians depicted on the maps in the policy of live a very short period of time and if the publishers do not bother to sign a hero card to identify it very difficult. It is interesting to collect this pack, because, usually , they produced only 1 time and often very small quantities. Typically, these decks are released on the eve of an election or political newspapers or magazines for self-promotion. Among these decks are very interesting art deck, which, no doubt, can be attributed to the masterpieces of graphic card.
Politicards 1971

Politicards 1971 #04026

52+ 2 Political 20 june 2016

Every day a character. On the cards of caricatures of political figures of the United States in 1971. Under the brand in the US Politicards decks available before each election of the president. In the pack there are several US presidents.

Propaganda posters of World War II

Propaganda posters of World War II #00852

52+ 3 Political, istorical persons 25 november 2013

Design Antonio Arias Bernal, Publisher Bill Schroeder

Politipack 88

Politipack 88 #01679

52+ 2 Political 17 october 2012

2007-2017, Alexander Lutkovsky

Made by
design-studio Astra, 2007