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Pin up 3

This section of the site highlights a deck of cards with pictures of the girls in the style of a separate stream of fine art has been called Pin -up (pin-up - pin , that is, poster, pin up on the wall ) - the image of the beautiful, often half-naked girls in a certain style. Pin up the word was first used in 1941, however, the practice can be traced at least since the 1890s. Pictures prishpilivaniya cut from magazines and newspapers, it could be postcards, chromo , etc. Often, these images were published in calendars , and so intended for hanging on the wall. More recently, posters Pin-up girl group were produced intentionally . First published deck with drawings in the style of pin-up has a deck of Albert Vargas , she came to the U.S. in 1950. This genre is so fond of drawing the viewer that in this genre are still working , many modern artists and playing cards are issued respectively.
Betty Boop

Betty Boop #01764

52+ 2 Pin up 16 may 2014

: King features syndicate, INC. Fleischer studios, INC. Betty Boop (born Betty Boop) - a cartoon character created by Max Fleischer . In the years 1932-1939 Paramount Pictures has released a total of 99 short black and white cartoon about Betty . In 1932, Dave Fleischer , brother Max, refined image, making it overtly sexual. First time in the history of animation main feature image Betty became her femininity . It is often assumed that the character of Betty pozaimstovan Clara Bow , also worked on Paramount. With the release of shorts Minnie the Moocher, in which singing Cab Calloway and His Orchestra , established and a new name - Betty Boop. This name is inspired scat boop-boop-a-doop Helen Kane in the popular song That's My Weakness Now. Betty's parents according to Minnie the Moocher - Orthodox Jews , but in 1936 it turned out that her grandfather - a real old-fashioned American " Wild West ". The official version of the authors, " it has always been 16 years." Minnie the Moocher and subsequent films were eight series Talkartoon; after the release of Stopping the Snow in August 1932 began a new series - Vetty Boop ( 90 films ) . In 1934 came into effect Hays Code - a set of rules adopted by the film industry that can and can not be shown in the movie. The prevailing image of Betty did not meet the new regulations and has undergone a radical self-censorship. Skirts are longer disappeared frank neckline. Betty herself the second half of the thirties - not freestyle girl , and " lonely housewife ". Character lost charm , and with it the interest of the audience . To maintain offices in films with Betty introduced new characters (including Sailor Popeye ), but the audience is not returned , and in 1939 the project was canceled . In the 1950s, movies were released with Betty on television screens the U.S., with the title change . In the 1960 National Television Associates bought the rights to color-coding old tapes . In 1974 and 1980 were released full-length movies - compilation of fleysherovskih fragments. In 1988 Betty " starred " in an episode of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit ." In the film she says Valiant detective that " since then , both in fashion came in numbers , things are very tight . But all that is needed , is still with me ! " Five years later , Jerry Reese wrote a feature film script about Betty for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; due to a change in leadership MGM film did not reach the production stage. In 1994, the U.S. Library of Congress has made one of the series , "Snow White " (1933 ) in the national register of historic films. Rights to old movies Fleischer repeatedly passed from hand to hand. Under U.S. law , 22 of the 90 series in the public domain and available at Internet Archive . Rights issue on home video owns Lions Gate Home Entertainment, TV rental rights - CBS Paramount Television. The copyright on the image of Betty and trademark owned King Features Syndicate and Fleischer Studios.

Vargas girls

Vargas girls #00934

52+ 2 Pin up 23 september 2010

The very first deck released with pictures of style pin-up, the most famous artist of this style of drawing by Alberto Vargas.

Risque Beauties of the Theatre

Risque Beauties of the Theatre #01136

52+ 2 Pin up 6 june 2007

Reprint deck 1888 year

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