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This section of the site highlights a deck of cards with pictures of the girls in the style of a separate stream of fine art has been called Pin -up (pin-up - pin , that is, poster, pin up on the wall ) - the image of the beautiful, often half-naked girls in a certain style. Pin up the word was first used in 1941, however, the practice can be traced at least since the 1890s. Pictures prishpilivaniya cut from magazines and newspapers, it could be postcards, chromo , etc. Often, these images were published in calendars , and so intended for hanging on the wall. More recently, posters Pin-up girl group were produced intentionally . First published deck with drawings in the style of pin-up has a deck of Albert Vargas , she came to the U.S. in 1950. This genre is so fond of drawing the viewer that in this genre are still working , many modern artists and playing cards are issued respectively.
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Jet24 #04160

52+ 2 Pin up, Transport 7 march 2017

Company's advertising deck. Http:// The largest portal of business aviation. Jet24 Aviation around the clock

Pin up

Pin up #03175

52+ 2 Pin up 18 december 2016

Old deck printed in India, on maps and drawings and images in pin-up style. There are more recent publications in which some drawings on the cards replaced.

Arabian nights

Arabian nights #04128

52+ 2 Pin up 18 december 2016

Parksons printers, Bombay. An interesting deck, an unknown Indian artist redrew all the cards from the deck Darling German artist Heinz Villiger (g00291 on site). Most of the drawings are very similar, but some changed much, it is a joker and ace diamond and club.

Romikartya 2

Romikartya 2 #00152

52+ 3 Pin up 23 august 2016

Cards in perfect condition. there unopened pack in a box for 32 euros.


Romikartya #00991

52+ 3 Pin up 19 january 2016
Sweetheart  7011

Sweetheart 7011 #00156

52+ 3 Pin up 9 december 2015

Extra card shown here is extremely rare. Probably was only one draw such cards. The collection of our museum without extracard deck.

Portraits of Lady

Portraits of Lady #01100

52+ 2 Pin up, Non-standard 12 april 2015

- #00988

52+ 3 Classic, Advertisment, Pin up 24 february 2015
Baby Dolls No.1002

Baby Dolls No.1002 #00165

52+ 3 Pin up 11 december 2014
55 Pin-Ups

55 Pin-Ups #02232

52+ 3 Pin up 22 october 2014

Rare deck with pictures of pin-up. On the back of a beer ad brand Pilsor Lamot.

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