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WAIBIPUKE 913 #03753

52+ 2 Non-standard 13 november 2017

on all cards are different banknotes of the world.

Troll kortlek

Troll kortlek #00835

52+ 1 Non-standard 20 september 2017

TROLLPIKE. Olika Trollmotiv som spelkort

Pirates Code

Pirates Code #04161

52+ 2 Non-standard 28 april 2017

A deck of playing cards of poker size 89x64 mm, 54 sheets, dedicated to pirate topics. Each sheet has an individual thematic drawing and a corresponding inscription. The suit is framed by its frame and a special pattern of craquelures. The deck is packed in a brutal bag. For romantics with a sense of humor! On the issue of acquisition:

Figurliche Plastiken im Stadtbild von Berlin

Figurliche Plastiken im Stadtbild von Berlin #03972

32 Non-standard, Photo of cities 23 april 2017

Berlin Haupstadt der DDR. On all cards drawn statues from the streets of Berlin.

Delta playing cards

Delta playing cards #03675

52+ 2 Non-standard 9 april 2017

Delta playing cards are a modern art concept deck invented by Professor Manzoom R. Ali, an anti-war campaigner, poet and artist operating under the company name of Artology International. Professor Ali, who has published several literary works, is originally from Iraq but currently resides in UK. The deck was created around 1988, and printed in Germany. According to the information card accompanying the pack, the cards are one of three games produced by the company: The design of these playing cards has been inspired by Sir Isaac Newtons concept of the Delta and by the work of Picasso on Cubism. Instead of depicting human figures, the courts of all four suits have the same primary design, while each suit has a different deltoid design in the center of the card. Each ace has a single image based upon the traditional English suit index but modified in Professor Alis own Deltaism style. The deck was produced in an olive-green and in a burgundy based colour background. Cubism (Fr. Cubisme) - modernist trend in art, especially in painting, which originated in the early XX century and is characterized by the use of pointed Geometrized conventional forms, the desire to "crush" the real objects on the stereometric primitives. Cubism - is the direction in painting, characterized by the desire to highlight the structure of the volume, show the subject from different points of view, the generalization forms of objects to simple geometric forms, the division into components. The emergence of cubism is traditionally dated to 1906-1907 and was associated with the work of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The term "cubism" appeared in 1908, after the art critic Louis Vaucelles called the new pictures of Marriage "cubic cranky." (Fr. bizarreries cubiques).

Jeu de cartes Revolutionnaries 1793 Pris de la Bastille 14 juillet 1789

Jeu de cartes Revolutionnaries 1793 Pris de la Bastille 14 juillet 1789 #04106

52+ 2 Classic, Non-standard 19 february 2017

Reissue deck 1793, the French Revolution, is dedicated to the destruction of the Bastille prison July 14, 1789.

Kate Greenaway Mother Goose

Kate Greenaway Mother Goose #03870

52 Non-standard 27 january 2017

Merrimak Publ. Group., New York 10003 No. 1944. Made in Hong Kong

Bataille de Nancy 1477-1977

Bataille de Nancy 1477-1977 #03965

52+ 2 Non-standard, Army and police 8 january 2017

commemorates the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Nancy designed by Antonie Sieri

Schach-Skat Chess

Schach-Skat Chess #00768

32 Non-standard 3 december 2016

Interesting deck - where all the maps you can see the chess pieces. Podhodyashy anecdote is: As soon as you have on hand are all the cards, life begins with you to play chess.


Saarberg #03872

32 Advertisment, Non-standard 3 december 2016

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