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In this section, we will lay out different fortunetelling deck. Often in tarot decks are no suits - so placing cards on a particular suit - totally chaotic (site structure does not allow the place anyway).
Lenormand waarzegkaarten

Lenormand waarzegkaarten #04125

36 fortune telling 9 october 2017

Cards French Madame Lenormand, one of the most famous tarot decks.

Devinettes D Epinal a colorier

Devinettes D Epinal a colorier #04123

42+ 6 fortune telling 22 january 2017
Nieuwe Lenormand

Nieuwe Lenormand #04124

36 fortune telling 22 january 2017

Amber Studio

Waarzeg spel

Waarzeg spel #04126

36 fortune telling 22 january 2017

Facsimile-uitgave naar origineel uit particulier bezit

Lenormand J.M.C.  12273/151

Lenormand J.M.C. 12273/151 #04122

36 fortune telling 8 january 2017
Petit Etteila Paris

Petit Etteila Paris #04108

32 fortune telling 30 november 2016

Reissue cards in 1753. By the deck attached to the book card description in French and English.

Hafez Fortune Telling Cards

Hafez Fortune Telling Cards #03263

40 fortune telling 1 november 2014

Rare deck of Iran. On the back of each card text in Farsi and on the back of the card has a beautiful graphic quality pictures.

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