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Erotic photo deck 4

This section contains acards for anadult audience. Invention ofthe camera made itpossible for people deprived ofdrawing talent totouch theart. Nowonder today there issuch athing asaphotographer. And ofcourse, naked body was the subject for the perpetuation ofhis camera. The exact date ofthe appearance ofthe first deck ofcards with pictures ofnude models isdifficult toestablish. Most likely the first such decks appeared inAmerica inthe 40years ofthe 20th century, during the Second World War, the black-and- white photos depicting sexual scenes. Such cards supposedly issued toAmerican soldiers fighting onthe fronts. Known deck onwhich aburlesque style depicted Hitler. These decks were issued without indicating the publisher. Inthe 50years inmost countries has been abolished excise duty onmanufacture ofplaying cards and there was asurge issuing cards with naked beauties. Itisinteresting that these cards were " censored " card, always been retouching, these cards you will not see even apubic hair not tomentionthe... Green isgiven awoman’s breasts and buttocks. Gradually, the image onthe playing cards are becoming more and more openly and frankly. Inthis section wehave placed cards with sex scenes (the so-called pornographic cards), which are available inabundance inmany countries inrecent years, including the name ofthe manufacturer ofthe product.

Separately want tohighlight the erotic cards issued inthe Soviet Union.

Produced such decks only affordable way replication— photomethod.

The exact dating ofthe beginning oftheir production isextremely difficult toestablish. Since there isnodocumentary evidence. Given the style ofWestern erotic playing cards and historical situation inthe USSR, Icame tothe conclusion that the earliest Iknow ofplaying cards issued in1960. Before the death ofIVStalin inthe USSR was sohigh and the fear ofcensorship byany careless step that dare topublish anerotic deck isunlikely tobesomeone dared. Whistleblowing was elevated tothe rank ofcivicduty and for any wrong word aperson could disappear inthe camps. Such aconclusion Idid, talking topeople who lived inthe days ofIVStalin.

Anindirect confirmation ofthat totalitarian regimes donot accept the " erotic free thinking" isthe article inthe Soviet newspaper, published in1990, about what China’s publisher erotic playing cards has been sentenced todeath.

Anyone interested can purchase acatalog ofillegal erotic playing cards ofthe USSR. Described with illustrations ofmore than 240of these decks. Help:

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders #04030

52+ 1 Erotic photo deck, Sports 13 may 2015

TransMedia, Inc. Photography by Shelly Katz

Barely Legal

Barely Legal #00263

52+ 2 Erotic photo deck 22 october 2012
Giant hooters

Giant hooters #01891

52+ 2 Erotic photo deck 22 october 2012
Asian invasion

Asian invasion #01538

52+ 2 Erotic photo deck 26 december 2008

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