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Classic 1

This section contains adeck ofclassic design style, inmost countries— this deck oftwo mirror halves. But the mirrored halves onthe cards were not always only inthe early 19th century, someone, for convenience, came uptoshare the card, not toturn itinto his hands. Uptothis point the figures depicted onthe cards infull growth. But inaddition, now that the already familiar French suits inthe world there are other systems suits. InSpain, Italy, Germany and the countries were once colonies ofthese countries still figure onthe cards shown infull length. Intraditional Spanish and Italian decks and similar suits are called: swords, cups, denarius (coin) and wands (batons). AtGerman cards suits are called acorns, hearts, bells and leaves.

The Swiss were founded byGerman suit, but was replaced inthe hearts ofarms, and the leaves onthe flowers.

Separately want totalk about the origin ofthe French colors. This processing ofthe German colors, distinctive simplification, stylization. Hearts were called Hearts (heart), the bells were called Bubi (diamond), grape leaves— Blame (peaks) (spade), acorns— clubs.

Sofar, there isdebate that took place before the traditional deck oradeck oftarot.

Injunior Arcana tarot deck ineach suit contains four face cards King, Queen, Knight (Rider) and Jack.

Onthe German charts for traditional braces cards discarded lady, there are two officers— Ober (high card) and Unter (junior).

InSpanish and Italiantoo, noqueen, aking, arider and ajack.

Itisonly inFrench (and now classic) system suits present— Queen.

The number ofcards inthe deck and inmany different countries. Inthe classic deck of52cards and 2jokers just54. But the jokers indecks began toappear mainly inthe 20th century. And often there was only one joker. Thatis, the deck 53has been card for example, beinUSSR upto60softhe 20th century. Now the number ofjokers can bevery different. InGermany most decks32, 36cards. InRussia, 36cards, 48cards inSpain. Italy40 cards. Switzerland36 cards.

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