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Section title speaks for itself . Cards available for many children. Children - a huge audience of consumers and not by chance most of modern playing cards issued specifically for children. Decks are divided into cognitive and educational and entertaining. Most of the cards issued without developing card suits . A leisure contrary can be used for card games. By category cards mostly cartoon characters, movies and computer games. In the section shown are not very many decks, but in fact a lot of them . Including for sale and exchange. If you are interested in some kind of cartoon characters or children's TV series and you are interested in these cards, write to us:
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Snegurochka  2

Snegurochka 2 #02541

36+ 6 Non-standard, for children 18 november 2016

Only in Russia have such a wonderful fairy tale character as Snow Maiden. Enjoy!

Walt Disney productions

Walt Disney productions #04009

52+ 2 Classic, for children, Animals 20 june 2016
NR. 7590

NR. 7590 #02049

52+ 2 Classic, Non-standard, for children 22 july 2015

Design: Susanna Hartmann. Lapland is divided borders of four states, but Finnish children have always believed that Santa Claus lives in Finland is on Mount Korvatunturi near the border with Russia. In Finland, Santa Claus is called - "Joulupukki" (Finnish Joulupukki). He wears a high conical hat, long hair and red clothes. It is surrounded by the dwarves in peaked caps and capes, trimmed with white fur.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney #00071

52 Advertisment, for children 9 july 2015

Rare original pack, in a case as a keychain. Cards themselves on very thin paper - to use for the game, literally, one at a time. Figures absolutely charming.

Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke #04045

52+ 2 for children 10 june 2015

Snoopy #04031

52+ 2 Classic, for children, Animals 10 june 2015

Snoopy - a fictional dog beagle, a popular comic book series character Peanuts, created by the artist Charles M. Schulz and first appeared in the comic October 4, 1950.


Scooby-doo! #04039

52+ 2 for children, Animals 18 march 2015

Scooby-Doo - a series of popular animated series and feature-length cartoons created by Hanna-Barbera, in 1969.

Rombaldi Dargaud editeur

Rombaldi Dargaud editeur #04044

52+ 2 Non-standard, for children 18 march 2015
Zaubertricks kids club

Zaubertricks kids club #04048

52+ 2 for children, Cheap decks for the game 13 march 2015

Registered Trademark of Burger King Corporation, Printed in China


Disney #01914

52+ 3 for children, Animals 12 march 2015

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