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Inthis section you will find adeck bycompanies for advertising orpromotional campaigns ofindividual products. Playing cards are used toadvertise avery long time. Atthe beginning ofplaying cards were used— asaway topromote sales ofthe brand product. For example, onaseparate card invested inapack ofcigarettes inthe 19th century, and tocollect afull deck, you had tobuy amountain products. Later cards were put incandy wrappers orprintedon (card caramel). Some cards were given asasupplement tobought chewinggum. InGermany, produced aseries ofbottled beer, which isshown onthe covers ofadeck ofcards. You had tobuy 32bottles tocollect such anunusual deck. Adeck ofcards produced onphone cards.

Now often produced ready-made decks that advertise products orjust abonus for buying acertain amount oragift inalottery.

Thanks toadvertising campaigns were created alarge number ofhighly decks ofplaying cards. Often, these cards are issued only 1time, often the appearance ofsuch decks— isthe only reminder ofwhat was once such acompany. Are ofgreat value deck, which attracted talented artists who create unique card design drawings. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and for the most part tocreate apromotional pack takes standard free drawing and advertisements are placed only onthe back and card box.

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Hotel Lena

Hotel Lena #00656

36 Classic, Advertisment, Color Printing Plant 26 june 2017

By order of the "Bichik" NCI for the Lena Hotel in Yakutsk, the KCP has printed such a wonderful deck with national Yakut costumes. Hasten to replenish the collection with the last original copy.


Molnlycke #00719

32 Classic, Advertisment 23 april 2017

Saarberg #03872

32 Advertisment, Non-standard 3 december 2016

GSI 2 #04105

36 Classic, Advertisment 7 november 2016 Design Elena Gershuni.


Philips #04078

32 Advertisment, Non-standard 7 november 2016

Licht ist trumpf!


GSI #04102

36 Classic, Advertisment 27 october 2016 Design Mikhail Emelyanov.

Kamasutra Podushkin

Kamasutra Podushkin #04101

52+ 2 Erotic drawn, Advertisment 26 october 2016 mini-hotels Podushkin Network.

Recon izora

Recon izora #01467

36 Classic, Advertisment 19 september 2016
Rote Funken

Rote Funken #04032

32 Classic, Advertisment 12 september 2016

Carnival Society "Rote Funken"(Red Sparks) (32+1ec, 5000 copies), 1998 Artist Siegfried Doebler


Druweko #03957

32 Advertisment, Non-standard 15 july 2016

Cards to the construction theme.

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