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Pirates Code

Pirates Code #04161

52+ 2 Non-standard 28 april 2017

A deck of playing cards of poker size 89x64 mm, 54 sheets, dedicated to pirate topics. Each sheet has an individual thematic drawing and a corresponding inscription. The suit is framed by its frame and a special pattern of craquelures. The deck is packed in a brutal bag. For romantics with a sense of humor! On the issue of acquisition:


Molnlycke #00719

32 Classic, Advertisment 23 april 2017
Figurliche Plastiken im Stadtbild von Berlin

Figurliche Plastiken im Stadtbild von Berlin #03972

32 Non-standard, Photo of cities 23 april 2017

Berlin Haupstadt der DDR. On all cards drawn statues from the streets of Berlin.

2007-2014, Alexander Lutkovsky

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