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This site is dedicated to playing cards. The site is designed - for collectors and historians of playing cards. Here you can see the deck, which is stored in the collection of the Siberian Museum of playing cards. Particular attention will be given to modern decks Russia. Since modern decks are available, sometimes very small circulations and remain unknown to a wide range.


We ask the publishers of playing cards, the companies that have released their promotional packs to report on its deck. We are happy, will buy it for the collection of our museum.


We also appeal to artists and designers, who in his work On the topic of playing cards. We put links to your site, help to publish the deck.

The collection of our museum more 3100 decks, they gradually appear on the site.


We look forward to letters from the collectors of playing cards.

For those who want to buy a deck for your collection - open store cards. If the deck is in a museum, but it is not in the store - and it is interesting to you - write to us, we may be able to find it for you.

For wholesalers and buyers who are interested in several decks at once, we have special prices.

Also we can produce for you a pack with your drawings, photos. E-mail - agree.

Catalogues of playing cards.

You can buy credits catalogs Russian Eroticism.

1 and 2 of volume, they are described, and color illustrations of more than 700 decks on an erotic theme. The basis of the catalog went to erotic fotodeck issued in the USSR. In the USSR theme of eroticism has been banned. The only way to replicate a photo printing. In the Soviet Union came a huge amount of erotic decks. Circulation decks were small - the catalog is an attempt to preserve the history and organize the whole layer of taboo culture.

You can also buy a card catalog of English artist Elaine Lewis. The artist for 20 years draws cards, they come out copies 20-100 copies. Each deck is adorned by hand by the author. The catalog contains all the maps drawn from 1990 to 2008.

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