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The site contains only a small part of the deck. If you are looking for something specific, a topic on the cards. Ask! When you purchase a large number of decks you can discount the price up to 50 percent. Many decks have remained in 1 specimen. Hurry up to replenish their collection.

The collecting of playing cards is interesting and fascinatingly. The rare and ancient decks are difficult for finding and they have the high prices. Except for - that playing cards is a most ancient kind of art art on a paper.

The playing cards have appeared much earlier, than very popular objects of a collecting: the post marks, post cards, pocket calendars.

The world of playing cards is so diverse, that covers all spheres of fine art, it is possible to collect all decks or to choose only decks of the certain style or subjects.

Buy decks for itself and friends.

For the buyers of several decks the discounts for the price are carried out.

If you collect playing cards, or you draw playing cards - write to us.

We wait for the letters from everyone interested.

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